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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Odell Thurman Could be Worse than Ricky

Aside from being a Bengals fan, what disappoints me most about Odell Thurman is that he’s such a talented player. In his rookie season in 2005, Thurman was the stud on the Bengals defense (yes, I realize that’s like an oxymoron), racking up well over 100 tackles, five interceptions, and five forced fumbles. The guy clearly had tremendous talent. But then he was suspended the first four games of ’06, and that was extended the entire season after he was caught driving drunk. The one thing I never quite understood was why Thurman didn’t get reinstated for ’07 when he applied. I guess there was more going on with Odell we never found out about that caused Roger Goodell to keep him out of the league. And now that he’s been reinstated for ’08, the Bengals finally cut Thurman. And get this, SI says Thurman failed yet another drug test.

Apparently Thurman has admitted to being an alcoholic. I’m guessing pothead must be mixed in there as well. I just don’t get how guys can flush entire careers down the toilet over a matter of drugs and or booze. Sticky Ricky walked away from the game so he could travel the world smoking dope whenever he pleased. Koren Robinson saw his career tailspin due to alcohol and drunken driving. Josh Hamilton was a disaster as a crack addict until he made his way back. Hopefully Odell can do the same, cuz man, did he have talent. And all along I saw what LT did and figured there was an upside to linebackers on drugs … maybe not.

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