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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mother of Odin Lloyd to move forward with lawsuit against Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez

The family of Aaron Hernandez just had an awful day get even worse.

The mother of Odin Lloyd, who was murdered in 2013, will move forward with her lawsuit against Hernandez, according to TMZ Sports.

Hernandez was convicted in 2015 of murdering Lloyd and sentenced to life in prison. Hernandez was also on trial for a double murder but was acquitted last week.

There is an interesting twist to the lawsuit against Hernandez that just arose following the former tight end’s death.

Hernandez committed suicide on Wednesday morning according to the state corrections department in Massachusetts. His death triggered a legal principle in the state called “abatement ab initio,” which means that if a person dies before exhausting all legal appeals, the case reverts to its earliest state. That makes Hernandez innocent of the Lloyd murder (full details here).

Because of this technical rule, no evidence from the criminal suit Hernandez faced can be used in a civil suit brought forth by Lloyd’s family against Hernandez and the late tight end’s estate.

Despite that, the Lloyd family’s attorney told TMZ Sports they are moving forward with their civil suit and still believe they will win.

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