OK, Who Didn’t Vote Brady for MVP?

The news of the day isn’t so much that Tom Brady was voted the NFL MVP, but rather, that a writer voted for someone other than Brady as MVP. Tom Brady received 49 of 50 votes as the NFL’s MVP according to the AP vote. Apparently the one person who didn’t vote for Brady chose Brett Favre as his MVP. Sure, Favre had a great, unexpected comeback season, but how could you possibly vote for anyone other than Tom Brady? That’s like some dickwod not voting Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken to the Hall of Fame because they don’t believe anyone should make it unanimously on the first ballot. Makes no sense.

Let me ask this: what more do you want a player to do before you award him the MVP? Tom Brady had the best season by a quarterback EVER in the history of the game. How is it possible that that isn’t good enough for someone? Brady broke Peyton Manning’s single season touchdown record by throwing for 50. His touchdown to interception differential was greater than any other quarterback in history. He led his team to a 16-0 regular season — the first time that had ever been done. He finally gets some receiving weapons around him and utilizes them to his advantage, only to get snubbed by one writer. Brady proved that if Daunte Culpepper could throw for nearly 40 TDs with Randy Moss, he would throw for 50. In his first year ever in the league with true receiving weapons, Brady took complete advantage of his tools to put up a record breaking season. What more do you want from him? How can you not vote Tom Brady as MVP?

Via the comments, looks like we have our man.

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  • Gene

    You are right on target. The lone dissenter is probably from Milwaukee or Chicago. I would be very surprised if he or she came from another part of the country.

  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Belichick was the lone dissenter, in an attempt to serve Brady another slice of humble pie.

  • Rick

    AOL Sports released the name of the guy that voted for Favre earlier this morning……


  • http://three-and-out.blogspot.com/ Arrowed
  • supermike

    Frank Cooney, according to the Associated Press. Cooney is the founder and publisher of the SportsXchange, an information provider for news organizations.

  • Jeff

    Here’s what I don’t get — how is Randy Moss not the MVP? The Patriots were playing with basically the same offense in 2007 as they had in 2006. They added Randy Moss and Wes Welker, and they go 16-0. Welker had some nice contributions, but Moss was the difference maker to that team.

    Favre doesn’t make much sense either, of course. But how in the world can you not select Moss over Brady?

  • Jim

    Tom Brady = MVP of the NFL


  • Wedge

    Maybe that voter was voting on the person’s value to their team, not just who put up Madden stats?

    Take away Favre and the Packers aren’t in the playoffs. Every receiver that Favre has played catch with he’s made better. His receivers leave the Packers and become average receivers on their new teams or disappear from the league altogether.

    Does Brady have that same effect? Moss is a phenomenal receiver when he wants to play. Brady stands behind the best o-line. How would the Pats be if Brady wasn’t their QB? They’d probably still be pretty good.

  • Ben
  • http://kurticusmaximus.blogspot.com KM

    “Every receiver that Favre has played catch with he’s made better. His receivers leave the Packers and become average receivers on their new teams or disappear from the league altogether.”

    You do realize that, before this year, Brady had been doing this very same thing, right? Heard much from Deion Branch lately?

  • Larry

    I think the argument that if Dante Culpepper can throw 40+ TDs with Moss statement indicates the importance of Randy Moss as a receiver. QBs can fling the ball up into space and let Randy go up and get it. No receiver is better than him at creating space (yes, he does frequently push off but he gets away with it because often times it’s subtle and hard to call at game speed) and timing his jump for the ball. Two of the more ridiculous examples of this came during the first Dolphins game when Moss caught two TD bombs that were just horrible decisions and throws by Brady because Moss was double covered each time. Yet Moss still makes the grab. I would say that Moss makes the man. Jeff George, Randle Cunningham, Daunte Culpepper and now Tom Brady have all looked otherworldly with this guy blazing down the sideline. I think there’s no question that Moss is the MVP and not Brady.

  • Andre

    Maybe one person thought that in order to be MVP you have to have some character. Tom Brady has got to be the most arrogant person on the planet….even for a NFL football quarterback. Perhaps that one writer was thinking that he isn’t the best roll model out there? To me, being an MVP goes beyond ones play on the field. Maybe we should all consider that? It would be nice to see kids growing up today showing a little respect for their fellow humans rather then praising arrogant idiots and gangsters. I hate to say it but every professional athlete could take a page from professional hockey players. You never see them telling the press that they are “Soldiers” or crying about having to go to practice….just my two cents.

  • Scott

    Obviously, Randy Moss is the MVP. Anyone who doesn’t want Tom Brady’s man juice on his forehead knows so.

    Anyway, Brady goes from 24 TDs to 50 TDs in one year? Hello, Steroids, bitches! You don’t hit 24 Homers one year and 50 the next without a little help from the Cream or the Clear.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I like the points a lot of you are making … that’s why Moss finished second to Brady. The QB still controls the game more than a WR does, that’s why I would go with Brady. Moss is #2 on my list.