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Monday, June 18, 2018

Pacman Jones Loves Him Some Boobs

I write that title as if there’s something wrong with liking boobs. I enjoy fine mammaries as much as the next guy, but it’s quite possible that nobody likes them as much as Pacman Jones. You might recall that Pacman was famously dining at a strip club prior to his meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell to hear about his impending suspension. That’s right, Pacman Jones goes to strip clubs for the food. Knowing that story, it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to hear where Pacman Jones was when he found out he was reinstated by Goodell Thursday. Ready for this? Hooters. Yup. That man must love him some boobs, cuz I’ll tell ya, Hooters has some pretty awful food.

Now that he’s actually been reinstated, this makes the Cowboys all that much tougher. They have to be the Super Bowl favorite in the NFC because they’re offense is ridiculously explosive, and now they have shutdown corners. Couple that with the retirement of Strahan and the injury to Umenyiora, and the Cowboys seem like the easy pick. Even if they’re the current favorite, there’s still plenty of time for Pacman to screw things up. Pro Football Talk, which brought the Pacman story to my attention, also says Pacman’s been up to no good lately and that he’s likely to get into trouble before the year’s up. Wouldn’t be surprising to see this move bite them in the butt; Adam Schefter says Pacman will be on a very short leash.


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