Did Panthers follow concussion protocol with Cam Newton?

The Carolina Panthers’ handling of Cam Newton after the quarterback took a huge hit to the head in the fourth quarter led to plenty of scrutiny during Sunday’s wild-card playoff game in New Orleans. Many even questioned whether the Panthers followed concussion protocol.

Newton was sacked in the fourth quarter and forced from the game after taking a huge hit to the head. Newton went to the ground as he tried to get off the field. He was then taken into the team’s medical tent, with FOX saying that the QB had an eye issue from the visor of his helmet.

Newton missed a play, the Panthers punted, and then Newton returned on the team’s next possession. The team said he was evaluated for a concussion and cleared.

He played out the rest of the game without missing any more plays.

Many think the Panthers violated concussion protocol with their handling of Newton.

Teams not following concussion protocol has been a big issue all season. The Houston Texans were lucky to avoid discipline for their handling of Tom Savage, while the Seahawks were fined for a violation.

It remains to be seen whether anything happens to the Panthers.

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