Pat McAfee accidentally tweets photo of half-naked Andrew Luck

Pat McAfee Andrew Luck picture

Pat McAfee was just joking around when he tweeted a photo of himself conducting a postgame interview in a funny outfit Saturday, but he ended up inadvertently sharing a picture of a half-naked Andrew Luck with the world.

“This is how a legend handles interviews boys & girls..Business on the top, party on the bottom,” McAfee captioned his photo, which features kicker Adam Vinatieri in a dress shirt and sweater on the upper half and towel covering his lower body.

McAfee’s outfit was funny, but he totally missed that his quarterback was barely dressed in the background. If it weren’t for the Colts chair and guy with the cell phone, we would have seen a lot more of Luck than we wanted to.

McAfee initially cracked a joke about his blunder, but he later was much more apologetic.

You’re lucky all his parts were covered, McAfee. Well, that is unless Luck turned out to be the next Visanthe Shiancoe, in which case he would have received a whole new set of job offers.

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  • Jessica Deetz

    Correct your story! That is Adam Vinatieri being interviewed in a sweater & towel. Pat McAfee took the picture. And poor Andrew is 100% naked, Epic Fail!!

  • Billy__Goat

    Ban cell phone use in locker rooms. You can have them in there but not use them. Also remove the reporters. Let the team celebrate the win with each other not reporters that ask dumb questions. Do we really need them all in the locker rooms immediately after the game? They already milk the stories all week I think waiting an extra hour is reasonable.

  • Dave Tonka

    Correct your math. He’s not 100% naked.