Patrick Crayton rips Michael Sam for coming out, says being gay is a choice

Michael-Sam-MissouriMissouri defensive end Michael Sam has already received a tremendous amount of support from NFL teams, players and coaches since his decision to publicly come out as gay on Sunday evening. Still, we knew there would be some people who are not willing to accept the possibility of an openly gay player in the NFL. Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton is one of them.

After ESPN’s Outside the Lines published its story on Sunday, Crayton took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Sam. Basically, he ripped him for coming out of the closet and said he should keep his sexual preference to himself.

Crayton also took the “I don’t walk around telling everyone I’m straight” approach, which we know is one of the most popular copouts for homophobia. After receiving a ton of backlash, Crayton tried to explain his stance.

“A lot of people are mad because I said there goes the NFL,” he wrote. “I say that because now this young man is (going) to get all the wrong attention for his sexual choice and a lot of players and execs will get asked about playing with a gay guy and they are going to have to lie about how they really feel.

“This young man will come in with notoriety for announcing his sexual choice more then his ability to play the game he loves!!! This will be a major thing in football for yrs to come. So for all u guys cussing at me and calling me a bigot, a–hole or whatever, know where (expletive) I’m coming from before u do what u hate others to do when a situation like this is announced!!”

Crayton also went on to imply that he believes being gay is a choice.

Other players like Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams and teammate Drayton Florence questioned if Sam’s sexual preference would complicate life in the locker room.

Again, Sam has received a ton of support from more than a few players. For the most part, he has been praised for his courage and honesty. But the opinions of some remind us that being gay in the NFL will not be easy. Some teams will pass on Sam not because he is gay, but because his sexual preference will be such a major story and will result in added media attention.

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  • RealSportsKings

    Crayton has a logical opinion. Whether Sam likes it or not, this announcement is going to follow him around and create a media firestorm wherever he ends up. The focus won’t be entirely on football, guaranteed. I don’t think Crayton is homophobic either, people over use that word when it’s not even applicable.

  • G. Tin.

    A few teams have actually had murderers on their teams (O.J. and Hernandez), so I guess one gay man whose only crime is sexual orientation should not be ridiculed or castigated.

  • Michael Nguyen

    Good Look finding a job now Patrick Crayton.

  • Lizzylizzard

    Added media attention is exactly what the other guy is saying. He’s not homophobic. He’s sharing his opinion that most will agree with.

  • smedrano0206

    Sexual preference has nothing to do with playing football so I don’t understand why you announce it. I think unrelated personal information should be kept to themselves, family, friends

  • Carl Crozier

    Why must a man or woman have to come out say anything about their sexual preferences? No need to award them a badge of honor for coming out either. Live your life the way you want. Keep it behind closed doors and play your damn sport! Be great at what you do and keep your preferences to yourself!

  • Carl Crozier

    Next we are going to hear that so and so is a swinger and likes S&M, does anyone really need to or want to know about your personal life/preferences? No we do not!

  • Dave Hinrichs

    Non gay players should try this announcement coming out of college. I’m thinking an absolute guaranteed way not to get hazed in rookie camp.

  • cp

    There are still 29 states where you can still be fired for being homosexual, that is the reason this guy is coming out, to let folks know that they are in all walks of life and need to be treated the same as anyone else.

  • cp

    I would like to ask Crayton, when did he choose to be heterosexual.

  • yakka

    The courage he displayed in coming out to the nation on the largest, most inhospitable stage in America, pales in comparison to what he will need in his journey as torchbearer of the gay movement through the most uphill of battles, competing in a game which is the embodiment of machismo culture.

    It all comes down to trust in the locker-room, a single mistake by Sam could prove fatal under the intense scrutiny of the media – which is already salivating over this story.

  • Ncbeachbum1

    Crayton’s a dumbass and a large part of the problem!

  • Squirrel

    You announce it to take it away from someone else.. You think the media would ignore it if they saw Tom Brady walking down the street holding hands/kissing another man? Your sexual preference comes out when people see you in your normal life..

    He did it himself, instead of living in the closet for the rest of his life, afraid to be seen in public with a person he loves, as others in the past have.

    If you’re going to blame anyone.. blame society.. us as a society are the ones that really do care about a persons sexuality.. regardless if you lie to yourself.

  • Squirrel

    Keep YOUR sexual orientation behind closed doors too.. no going out in public with your significant other…. He came out so he doesn’t have to hide it.. you can pretend that it’s just… not telling people.. The choices are:
    Hiding Vs. Coming Out Vs. Someone else outing you.

  • Ringo

    I tend to agreewith Crayton…..Live your life, be open to the people you care about or that care about you (basically the same thing he did wih his Mizzou teammates) and if someone catches you out with a man….so what. Your not afaraid of who you are….
    On a side note. My only issue is the lockerroom. As a straight man they have the right to be uncomfortable with that.

  • Carl Crozier

    Your name fits you! My sexual orientation is normal, it follows the plan set by our creator. God created woman to compliment man and to pro-create I’m not judging, just stating a fact. Don’t hide behind a moniker and try to call me out.

  • smedrano0206

    I really don’t…whatever someone does after the game is over is their business…not mine

  • hankrbradley

    More players agree with him but don’t have the stones to admit it!

  • hankrbradley

    Soooo if you oppose homosexuality and the practice thereof, you are homophobic? I will add that to my resume along with bigot and intolerable, lol! Who is intolerant of whom?

  • i’m so ICDC cahh-ledge

    Gays and gay supporters can use profanity and shout out their lungs whenever they wish, saying things like “homophobic, bigot, intolerant, bible thumper, hateful…” you get this whole batch of insults for simply saying you don’t agree with homosexuality. I just want for gays to understand people don’t hate you, they hate the fact you don’t want them to voice their opinions. What do you prefer, someone applauding you just for the sake of being politically correct and secretly bash you or tell you up front how they feel. The gay friendly media is sending out this message “if you don’t support and show unconditional love to gays, you better shut up!”, with this attitude you’re bound to receive more hate.

  • i’m so ICDC cahh-ledge

    that’s like asking a child when did he choose to start crawling. Homosexuality deviates from what’s normal, it’s like seeing a group of people with 3 eyes and telling them ”even though you have 3 eyes, it is not normal” and then they reply “when did you choose to have 2 eyes?”. then they start the “3 eye rights” movement. I’m i saying its evil, no, simply that it’s not normal and therefore you can’t expect for people not to have questions.

  • Squirrel

    I wish I had a “God” to use in arguments.. it’d be so awesome.. Well.. my God says your wrong.. so.. I’m right! YAY!