Patriots Still Best Team in NFL

They certainly weren’t the best team on Sunday. The Giants won the game fair and square. Not handily, but they certainly did enough to make me (and any sane person for that matter) say that the Giants earned the Super Bowl. They won it proper, no question about it. While the Patriots no longer belong in the “best team of all-time” conversation because they didn’t win it, I still believe they are the best NFL team I’ve ever seen. Simple as that. I’ve never seen another team go 18-1, nor have I seen another team dominate professional opponents as much as they did earlier in the year. Everybody said that they would be a failure if they didn’t win the Super Bowl after going 16-0 in the regular season. Most people have classified them as a failure for losing the biggest game of the year. I refuse to do so, as I said earlier in the year.

The Patriots still went 16-0. They did something nobody said could be done. Do you know how hard it is to win every single game in front of you? Everyone has No. 1 draft picks on their team. Everyone has top notch coaches working 18 hour days. Everyone studies tape and has multi-million dollar stars. And everyone was trying to beat the Patriots, yet nobody could do it. They impressed me and they were the best team I’ve ever seen. Sunday was one of the few close calls they had during the year that could have swung the other way. They had to sweat against the Colts, the Giants the first time, and they nearly lost to the Ravens. But they didn’t. They took everyone’s best shot and won. Most of the time, they won thoroughly and decidedly. That part of their season will never change. They set records and put out the best offense I’ve ever seen in the NFL. No, they didn’t complete the mission, but yes, they’re still the best team in the NFL, the best team I’ve ever seen, and I’m still wholeheartedly impressed by the fact that they went 16-0.

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  • http://www.EddieMush.com Eddie Mujsh

    The only reason the Giants won the SuperBowl is because Eddie Mush bet on the Patriots.

  • Gene

    Very perceptive analysis. The Giants beat the Patriots on both sides of the line and deserved to win. They also were lucky in that, on the last drive, Manning threw two or three passes that should have or could have been intercepted; Assante Samuels really had a shot at one.

    Lost in the Giants’ vitory is the fact that Tom Brady played, in my opinion, one of the greatest games of his career. He didn’t throw an interception and led the Pats on a scoring drive that should have won the game for them. I do believe that any other QB would have thrown several “picks” and become “gunshy” with the kind of pressure the Giants kept on him the whole game.

  • JS

    The best team doesn’t always win a tournament. Each game is a one-shot deal, unlike a four out of seven where one awesome performance can be overcome over the course of the series.

    This Super Bowl reminded me a lot of Villanova’s NCAA Championship Game win over Georgetown in 1985. Georgetown was clearly the best team that year but ‘Nova shot lights out in the championship game. Yesterday, the Giants did what no other team was able to do to the Patriots this season, and that was make them on dimensional by really containing the running game. That and some spectacular plays on offense.

    And what was Jeremy Shockey doing sitting in a suite drinking with his entourage instead being on the sideline supporting his teammates?

  • http://guttylittlebruins.com blackjack

    As a person who spent 13 years of his life living about 6 miles from Giants Stadium, please don’t go to New Jersey (or New York) or you will get shot.

    AND YOU TOTALLY NAILED THE MVP thing. No Strahan or Osi means don’t even bother turning on the TV.

    (btw, got linked up by EDSBS and thebiglead too…BOO-YA)

  • http://www.thehotroute.blogspot.com Chris

    Uh, I think part of being “the best” is being able to win the championship, which is something the pats couldn’t do. All those wins mean nothing when it comes down to how they’ll be judged, and I’m sure the Pats would agree with that.

    They lost the Super Bowl. That is not a charachteristc of a team that can be called “the best.”

    But it’s good that you’re impressed by them being able to win lots of regular season games and then lost what really counts. You’re not a Mavs fan are you?

  • http://www.thehotroute.blogspot.com Chris

    my bad – “characteristic”

  • Ace

    I agree with chris. The regular season is nothing without that championship. You don’t go around bragging about being so good in the regular season cuz in the end there was a team that was better than you. Like I always say, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish… and the giants finished with one of the most spectacular runs i have seen.

    And i don’t wanna hear anyone crying about it just being one game… that’s football… one and done… but i guess if the patriots would have won then it would be ok that it was just one game becuase hey they were supposed to win… B.S.

  • Jeff

    The Pats started the season strong, and ended weak, definitely not the sign of the “best” team ever. The 49ers and Bears teams that went 18-1 lost their games in the regular season, and their Superbowl wins were convincing. The best teams find a way to win when it matters, when its for all the marbles, and this year, the Giants showed that they are one of those teams.

    You can put an asterick next to the the 2007 Pats name and say they were the best regular season team ever, but “best ever” not a chance. Like your father says, that’s why they play the games.

    By the way, who else thinks Belichick is a sore loser? Walking off the field with 2 seconds left, not waiting for the final snap of the game. What a cry baby. How many coaches this year, after the Pats ran up the score on them, had to sit until the clock hit zero. I lost all respect I had for Belichick after that dick move.

  • SpinMax

    I suppose you could call this team the 43rd best ever. Next year it will be the 44th and so on.

    My Red Wings a dozen years ago set the NHL record for most wins in a season…but didn’t win the Stanley cup. Do you see me celebrating? Pff.

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    football is a game of inches indeed. Patriots will not be remembered as the greatest team ever. But had Asantae Samuel held on to the INT he had or Seymour held on to Eli instead of lettin him slip away or Harrison moves his hand up 3 inches to knock the ball out of Tyree’s hands on the way down the Pats would be remembered as the Best Ever. But they did not and the other 2 teams that went 18-1 (49ers & Bears) will be held in much greater esteem than Brady’s crew because they finished and finished with a bang. They won their Super Bowls 46-10 & 38 – 16 respectively. The Pats were lucky to get to the Super bowl the way they were playing down the stretch. i think they just ran out of gas.

  • adam

    no, they arent.. the Giants are. b/c they won the SUPER BOWL. The Pats are the 2nd best team b/c they came in 2nd place.

  • Sarah

    That last comment is completely without merit. Anyone who says the Giants are the best team of all time because they won the superbowl is out of their mind, and I think most people–Giants fans included–would be hard pressed to argue with that. The Giants played better than the Pats on Sunday, got a little lucky and won. But they are far, far from being the best team of all time. Simple as that.

  • Dan

    The Giants had a huge win. Pats were not a failure but when its all said and done their record is 18-1. In 5 years all anyone will remember is the Giants and not the Pats are the champs.

  • a.j.

    in five years people will indeed remember that the giants won the super bowl, but they will also remember that it was the undefeated patriots whom they beat.

  • Jesse Rios

    OK STOP.

    The ’85 Bears dominated on defense, recording 64 sacks while racking up an 18-1 record, their only blemish to the Dolphins in a regular-season game on Monday Night Football.

    Some consider those Bears the best ever. They put an exclamation mark on the season with a 46-10 win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

    ’84 SF 49ers…..
    Averaged 29.7 points per game while racking up 475 points. … Allowed 14.2 points per game. … QB Joe Montana threw 28 TD passes and only 10 interceptions

    Pats join an ever growing list of good team that choked (see Bills, Broncos, Vikings, Mets etc

  • Michael

    Pats went 18-0 thats an NFL record that beats out the 72′ Dolphins. They will always be remembered as one of the greatest teams to play. Considering they only lost by 3 points in the last 35 seconds…. that 19-0 sure did look good for about 1 minute when they had the lead. Kind of reminded me of USC losing to Texas by 3 points in 2005. Since the pats did go undefeated in the regular season it will be interesting to see if they can do it again.. Whos going to beat them?? the Giants??? i think not, they were beat before by the Patriots in the regular season. AHAHA so much fun to speculate about sports.

  • Codder08

    NO. The Pats went 18-1. NOT 18-0. You don’t get to count only the games you want to count. If that was the case then the Giants are 14-0.

    As for our Pats being the best team outright. Think of it this way. They are the best regular season team. They were a good play off team (I think, as does Tom Brady, the Giants were playing hotter playoff football). They were the worse team in the championship.

    I truly believe that if they played that game again that they would beat us again. Remember: we almost lost to the Giants in the regular season and then we lost. They were no slouches.

  • Marisol & Frank

    They are the best team!!! My husband converted me into the new england fan about 8 years ago, and know that we have a great thing!!!! We are all about team effort, and we WILL OVERCOME and are looking foward to the next season!!!

  • Marisol & Frank

    We have surpassed the Dolphins!!!

  • http://spootsfantasysports spoot

    The Giant’s beat the best team never to win a Superbowl!!!Eli has the best percentage of superbowl victories out of the Mannings. Brady rules offensive line cost New England the game.They will be back. Go Lions!!!!!!

  • Someone who knows NFL history

    You have a sports page and you’ve never seen a team go 18-1?

    You write about the NFl and have no idea about its history?

    You honestly didn’t know the ’85 Bears or ’84 49ers went 18-1?

    Maybe what you meant to say was you’ve never seen a team go 18-1 and not win the championship. I’ll buy that. But, to actually type that no one else has gone 18-1 forever discredits you as a sports-writer.

  • Best Team Wins

    To be the best team, you have to win it.

    18-1 does not equal the dolphins.

    16-o does not equal the dolphins.

    you can go 2000-0 in the regular season, doesnt mean squat if you lose the one game that counts.