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Monday, May 21, 2018

Patriots Still Best Team in NFL

They certainly weren’t the best team on Sunday. The Giants won the game fair and square. Not handily, but they certainly did enough to make me (and any sane person for that matter) say that the Giants earned the Super Bowl. They won it proper, no question about it. While the Patriots no longer belong in the “best team of all-time” conversation because they didn’t win it, I still believe they are the best NFL team I’ve ever seen. Simple as that. I’ve never seen another team go 18-1, nor have I seen another team dominate professional opponents as much as they did earlier in the year. Everybody said that they would be a failure if they didn’t win the Super Bowl after going 16-0 in the regular season. Most people have classified them as a failure for losing the biggest game of the year. I refuse to do so, as I said earlier in the year.

The Patriots still went 16-0. They did something nobody said could be done. Do you know how hard it is to win every single game in front of you? Everyone has No. 1 draft picks on their team. Everyone has top notch coaches working 18 hour days. Everyone studies tape and has multi-million dollar stars. And everyone was trying to beat the Patriots, yet nobody could do it. They impressed me and they were the best team I’ve ever seen. Sunday was one of the few close calls they had during the year that could have swung the other way. They had to sweat against the Colts, the Giants the first time, and they nearly lost to the Ravens. But they didn’t. They took everyone’s best shot and won. Most of the time, they won thoroughly and decidedly. That part of their season will never change. They set records and put out the best offense I’ve ever seen in the NFL. No, they didn’t complete the mission, but yes, they’re still the best team in the NFL, the best team I’ve ever seen, and I’m still wholeheartedly impressed by the fact that they went 16-0.

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