Peyton Manning fools everyone in America by rushing for touchdown (GIF)


Peyton-Manning-rushing-TDPeyton Manning and the Denver Broncos won an incredible game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, kicking a game-winning field goal as time expired to seal a 51-48 victory. Just when we thought we had seen it all from Manning through the first five games of the 2013 season, he went and scored a rushing touchdown.

But this wasn’t just any rushing score. Denver called a perfect play from the 1-yard line — a designed naked bootleg — that fooled the CBS camera crew and probably every one of the 80,000-plus fans at AT&T Stadium. As you can see from the camera angle above, Manning executed a textbook fake. Here’s another angle of the play, which gave the Broncos a 28-17 lead in the second quarter.


The fake itself was impressive, but let’s not forget that the situation itself was probably enough of a decoy. As USA Today’s Tom Pellisero noted, it was Manning’s first rushing touchdown since 2008. The 37-year-old can clearly still get it done in more ways than one.

UPDATE: The fake fooled everyone because apparently Manning was the only person on the field who knew he was going to keep the ball.

GIFs via CJ Zero

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  • SaintsMeachum

    Apparently the play was supposed to be a straight dive to Moreno but Peyton changed his mind last minute and decided to keep it himself. He didn’t tell anyone or audible it.