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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Peyton Hillis Reportedly a No-Show for Boys and Girls Club Charity Event

While there has been little detail revealed about the situation between Peyton Hillis and the Cleveland Browns, it’s pretty obvious the relationship is not a pleasant one.  Hillis had a monster year for the Browns in 2010, but the team clearly does not value him enough to offer him a lucrative extension.  It would also stand to reason that not many teams in the league believe Hillis has a bright future, or Cleveland likely would have been enticed by a trade offer around the deadline.

Regardless of how many games Hillis misses with strep throat or how unhappy he is with not getting paid, there’s no excuse to bail on charity events.  According to The Plain Dealer, former Browns lineman LeCharles Bentley arranged for Hillis to appear at a Halloween event for the Cleveland Boys and Girls Club on Monday night.  A press release was sent out on Friday to promote the appearance, but Hillis apparently never ended up showing.

Unless Hillis has a legitimate excuse for standing up 40 excited children, that’s pretty low.  As you might expect, Bentley was unhappy with Hillis and tweeted the following on Monday night: “Peyton Hillis looking for 10mil guaranteed from Browns and can’t show up to kids charity event? #ManPlease.”

Peyton was once America’s favorite white running back and even won the fan vote to appear on the cover of Madden NFL 12.  He was already losing fans by milking injuries this season and stamping his feet about a contract extension, so I can only imagine his fan base will shrink even further when people find out he stood up the Boys and Girls Club.

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