Peyton Manning adds ‘Marshall’ to Omaha snap call

Peyton Manning Omaha

Peyton Manning generated a ton of notoriety and publicity for “Omaha” by constantly saying it as part of his pre-snap directions during the Denver Broncos’ playoff game against the San Diego Chargers last weekend. Though Manning varied the meaning of “Omaha” throughout the game, it was clear that “Omaha” was a keyword or signal for his teammates.

At some points during the game, “Omaha” seemed to signify that Manning wanted his center to snap the ball on his next sound. At other times, “Omaha” seemed to mean Manning was going to a hard snap count to try to get the Chargers to jump offsides. The plan worked, because San Diego committed five neutral zone infractions during the game.

Manning’s mentions of Omaha led the city and steak company to take note and attempt to capitalize on the publicity. Omaha Steaks were said to be weighing offering Peyton an endorsement deal. Several companies said they were going to donate money every time Peyton said “Omaha” against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

Well Peyton used the “Omaha” call about as liberally in the AFC title game as he did against the Chargers. He used it on almost every other play to start the game against the Pats. At least in the first 20 minutes of the game, Omaha seemed to mean what it meant for part of the playoff game against San Diego — snap the ball on my first sound.

Peyton also mixed another call into his audibles against the Patriots: Marshall. It was less clear what the “Marshall” mention meant, but we do know that Marshall is the name of a former Broncos wide receiver (Brandon), a university, and Peyton’s son.

Even though “Marshall” picked up some steam, CBS was still in love with Omaha for most of the first half. They continuously mentioned it, and even played the Counting Crows song on their way to a commercial break.

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  • Sheila Nash Foster

    Mannings call of MARSHALL made my heart leap. So in hopes it is in connection with MARSHALL UNIVERSITY – the 1970 Plane crash -NEVER FORGET – ASHES TO GLORY – WE ARE MARSHALL – from a Sister of BARRY WINSTON NASH #35

  • Anonymous

    Peyton Mannings’s snap call “Marshall” was added to yesterday’s AFC championship game. Not for nothing, but both “Marshall” and “Omaha” are both locations of two separate explosions in two separate states w/in the past 36 hours. Just had to put that out there. You can find some other strange coincidences during this past week when it comes to the number “44” which was how many times the word “Omaha” was called out in a snap count in the previous week’s game against the chargers. Do your research before you knock me. I just find it strangely coincidental ..