Ex-NFL DL Raheem Brock says he probably would not shower with Michael Sam

Raheem BrockWondering what some of the “locker room issues” a gay player in the NFL could present? Look no further than these comments from Raheem Brock.

Brock, who played in the NFL from 2002-2011 racking up 40.5 sacks, told TMZ Sports that he probably would not want to shower with Michael Sam, who on Sunday became the first high-level active football player to come out as gay.

Though Brock started off the conversation by saying in a nice manner that NFL players come from different backgrounds and that some might have a problem adjusting, he took a right turn straight into homophobiaville when he said he would not want to shower with Sam around.

“I know guys probably won’t go in the shower,” Brock said. “Guys aren’t going to go in the shower if they know a guy’s gay in there. They’re gonna feel uncomfortable. I would. If it was me, I probably would stay in my locker until he’s done getting out of the shower.”

You know what’s so funny about these comments? I bet you at some point in his football career, Brock showered with a gay person in the locker room and didn’t even know it.

Here’s the thing: I’m not going to come out and bash Brock for being homophobic. I actually believe sexual harassment can be a concern in the locker room just like bullying is a concern. But the real key is whether or not players are professional. As long as a gay player is professional around his teammates — and we have no reason to believe Sam or anyone else would not be — then there should not be any reason to worry about him checking out teammates or making passes. It’s rude, disrespectful, and foolish to presume they will be.

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  • Bill Bigsby

    I typically never comment on articles but I believe your article is “bullying” heterosexual men. As a heterosexual male, I completely understand why Brock would feel and say what he said. As a heterosexual, you put me in a locker room with 52 naked women all shapes and sizes that are my co workers or not, I’d check them out be it rude, unprofessional or whatever other words you want to call it. It’s laughable to say that Sam would be any different from any other man. You put heterosexual men in a position to look at naked women…they look! He’s no different, it’s natural to look at people you’re attracted to especially when they’re in the nude! Cut it out! It’s human nature!