Raiders prefer Derek Carr over Johnny Manziel?

Derek Carr wrestling belt

The NFL draft is not for another two months, but the speculation about who each team will select has been ramping up. One of the big questions is which quarterback the Houston Texans will take first overall, and which QBs other QB-needy teams will take.

Currently, it sounds like the Oakland Raiders may be favoring former Fresno State QB Derek Carr.

The LA Times’ Sam Farmer published a first-round mock draft Sunday and had three quarterbacks going in the top-five, none of whom were Johnny Manziel. He had Teddy Bridgewater to Jacksonville at No. 3, Blake Bortles to Cleveland at No. 4, and Carr to the Raiders at No. 5.

Seeing Bridgewater and Bortles in the top five was not surprising, but the big surprise was that he did not have Manziel going until eighth, and that he had Carr ahead of Johnny Football.

Farmer says the “word is” that the Raiders liked Carr more than Manziel after the combine.

It’s hard to know if what Farmer heard is factual or just a draft smokescreen, but it’s worth noting.

Contrary to what Farmer predicted with Jadeveon Clowney going first overall, I think the Texans will take a quarterback and that Manziel has a strong chance to be that guy. The Jags may go with a QB too, and so may Cleveland.

I expect Manziel to be gone by the time Oakland picks; either Houston or Cleveland will take him. If the Raiders are high on Carr the way Farmer says, then maybe we should expect that to be their pick. Carr will likely be available for them fifth overall.

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  • yakka

    I think Manziel, Bridgewater, and Carr all have the potential to have successful NFL careers. Bortles on the other hand is a Blaine Gabbert clone who is only being talked about because of his size and smokin GF

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Really? I never would make that comp. They played in dif offenses in college too