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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ravens once emailed plays to Dennis Pitta, the college professor

The Baltimore Sun had a pretty funny piece on Wednesday about a college professor who shares the same name as Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta. The column detailed all the times the professor was mistakenly contacted instead of the football player.

Pitta, who is a marketing professor at the University of Baltimore, believes there are only three Dennis Pittas in the country — himself, the football player, and the football player’s father. As a result, he’s received several emails intended for the football player.

Pitta the professor says he’s received Facebook friend requests from hot females, an email from the tight end’s sister intended for her father, a wedding invitation from someone from Utah intended for the football player (he played college ball at BYU), and well wishes over email while the player was injured.

Those all seem to be pretty harmless cases of identity confusion, but there was one occasion where an email from the Baltimore Ravens intended for their freshly-drafted tight end could have caused a problem.

Before Pitta’s first minicamp, the professor received an email from the team with a PDF “filled with elaborate diagrams and exotic-sounding play names such as ‘Gut Pass RT 505’ and ‘Queen LT slot slant pass’ and ‘Jack RT Nasty ‘Zoom.'”

Professor Pitta is a huge Ravens fan, so he emailed the team to let them know about the mistake.

“I promise not to sell them to the Steelers,” he reportedly told them.

I suppose this is the upside to teams moving away from emails to iPads when it comes to their playbooks.

Cute story. Maybe The Baltimore Sun can help arrange a meeting between the two men.

H/T Deadspin

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