Ray Rice rips fantasy football owners after suffering hip injury

Ray-Rice-RavensIn many ways, fantasy football has made the world an evil place. Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice had to leave his team’s win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday when he suffered a hip injury. Prior to that, he was not performing well. Rice finished the game with just 45 total yards and three receptions, which gave his fantasy owners somewhere in the range of four to seven points.

The lack of production angered fantasy players who took Rice in the first round of drafts. In fact, many of them even ripped Rice for leaving the game with an injury. Those people have sullied Rice’s opinion of fantasy football.

Rice has played in all 16 games over the past four seasons, so he has not had to listen to cold-hearted fantasy “managers” complaining about things he can’t control — like injuries. Guys like Arian Foster could tell you that the concept is hardly a new one and has been an issue for years.

People like yours truly, who have Ravens backup running back Bernard Pierce sitting on their bench, perked up a bit when Rice went down. As awful as it sounds, that is what fantasy football has done to us. Fortunately for Rice and the Ravens, the injury is considered minor. The biggest impact it may have on the 26-year-old is opening his eyes to what fantasy owners are truly like.

Maybe next time Rice needs to take the DeAngelo Williams approach to fantasy owners.

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  • missedgehead

    God, This is another reason why I hate Fantasy football. FF owners don’t even care about the HEALTH of the players they “own.” SMH

  • NFL Madness

    I play fantasy football but I understand there are ACTUAL PEOPLE scoring the points. An Injury is bad and sometimes unavoidable. To bash a player because of injury disgraces the game.

  • bobby bobby

    fantasy football isn’t the problem people are the problem. If they aren’t getting mad about their players on their ff team they will be getting mad at the players for getting hurt on the NFL team they support. Some people are ignorant there’s nothing you can do about it except try to ignore them

  • wardlucas

    That’s what people get for being dumb enough to waste such a high pick on Ray Rice.

  • Muhummad

    Yes whoever got Rice in the first round was dumb.

  • CORavensFan

    What part of FANTASY football do these people not understand?

  • Deeckon

    How does this amount to ripping people! Ray Rice handled himself with class! Another example of misleading headlines to get people to read an article! Now I know not to consider this site for honest journalism.