Referees miss pass interference by Lardarius Webb on Kris Durham

Kris Durham Lardarius Webb

The referees in the Detroit Lions-Baltimore Ravens game on Monday night missed a pass interference call that may have cost the Lions a touchdown.

Late in the third quarter, the Lions had the ball at the Baltimore 23 for a 3rd-and-9 situation. Matthew Stafford threw a go route to Kris Durham, who was covered one-on-one by Lardardius Webb. Webb grabbed a hold of Durham’s arm, making it nearly impossible for him to make the catch. The pass fell incomplete, and the Lions settled for a field goal to make it 12-10 Ravens.

Here’s a look at the play:

Stafford couldn’t believe there wasn’t a flag on the play and complained to the refs. Even Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden pointed out what a terrible missed call it was. Then there was this from FOX NFL rules guru Mike Pereira:

Had pass interference rightfully been called, the Lions would have had the ball 1st-and-goal at the Baltimore 1-yard line and a very good chance to take the lead.

Image via @Guyism; GIF via GIFD Sports

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  • Yule Brenner

    Lost the Lions the game and possibly the division… horrible refereeing last night

  • Yule Brenner

    as well as Stafford and Calvin playing like ass

  • James4545

    Flacco’s made a career of tossing up blind jump balls and waiting for the penalty flag. The PI rules have gotten out of hand. Plus they can’t even make up their minds, they call a ticky-tack PI vs. Detroit but ignore the most obvious one against Baltimore.

  • Sam Bale

    There were horrible PI calls that put the Ravens into position to score early in the game, just like in the Lions Eagles game, TWO back-to-back made up completely BS calls on the Lions defense…

    The mentioned no PI call…

    The Ravens fans complaining that it should have been a penalty on the ‘low blow’ to Flacco… It was a good no call. He wasn’t trying to hit him but Ravens still got a made up offensive holding call on Warford the very next Lions offensive possession to ‘make up for the miss’ No make up for the miss’ for the Lions though.. The league, the refs, have it in for Detroit and Cleveland this year and make it easy for more popular teams like Patriots.. very upsetting. It seems pretty obvious that this is the case.