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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rex Ryan Believes Jets Would Have Beaten Packers in the Super Bowl

The mouth of Rex Ryan has roared once again (insert foot here). We already knew from his harsh comments about Kerry Rhodes that Rex doesn’t hold back in his new book Play Like You Mean It, but even this wasn’t expected.

Bob Wolfley at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel shared a clip from Rex’s book where he says he feels the Jets could have beaten the Packers in the Super Bowl:

I thought Green Bay was to going to have the upper hand on Pittsburgh. Their passing attack was giving everyone problems. But I truly believe we would have beaten Green Bay. We only lost to them 9-0 during the season, and we gave them two of the field goals because of mistakes.”

Hey, that’s great that Rex thinks his Jets could have beaten the Packers. Maybe they could have. The problem is they lost to the Steelers and didn’t earn the chance.

The point here, aside from Rex showing off his bravado and confidence in his team (which is nothing new), is that football is a game of matchups. The Packers matched up well against the Steelers because Pittsburgh has a stellar run defense and weak secondary. The Jets on the other hand have an excellent secondary and a good pass rush. They probably would have made things tougher for Aaron Rodgers the way they did for Tom Brady. But they didn’t earn the opportunity.

For the Jets to become a Super Bowl team they have to become more explosive on offense. When Mark Sanchez starts lighting up opposing defenses the way Rodgers and Drew Brees have in recent Super Bowls, then we can talk about the Jets winning it all. Until then, they’re a very good team with a really tough defense that has to rely on winning low-scoring games most of the time.

By the way, I can’t wait to read the book. Isn’t that the point of all this?

Thanks to Pro Football Talk for passing along the clip

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