Rex Ryan is getting sick of people calling the Jets a circus

The New York Jets have not appeared in a Super Bowl since 1969, but the coverage they receive from the media could make some think they are one of the most successful franchises in all of sports. In reality, the coverage stems from the fact that Rex Ryan allows his team to be unfiltered and say whatever they want at all times. Mix that with their willingness to appear on HBO shows and trade for one of the highest-profile players in all of sports and you have what some might call a circus — a label that Ryan is growing tired of.

“Well I just think we’re a better football team than people give us credit for,” the Jets coach said Thursday according to the NY Daily News. “Also think our organization is a lot better than people give us credit for. The circus thing is kind of a little old for me.

“I think our record says otherwise in the three years that we’ve been together. I’m not afraid to say it: I think this is going to be an outstanding football team. The best team that I’ve had since I’ve been here. I don’t know if it’s the national perspective, but it’s my perspective.”

I’m guessing he saw the New York Post cover from earlier this week. If Rex and company are tired of being called a circus, they need to win a Super Bowl. If your team is a headline-making machine in addition to a Super Bowl champion, there’s nothing people can say. Instead, the Jets are accused of loving the spotlight because they make obnoxious guarantees and embarrass themselves on Hard Knocks. If Rex could just shut up and coach and get his team to do the same, New York’s star players would have to worry less about defending their reputation and more about winning.

H/T Pro Football Talk

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  • woebegong

    Possibly, if Rex would just coach and keep his mind on the game, he might be able to use the talent that exist there. I know the man has got to love shoe leather because he has stuck his foot in his mouth, one too many times.
    Ask the giants coach if he wants his team to be unfiltered. That is another way of saying that the head coach really doesn’t have any control over his players. Left to their own devices, they brag, say stupid things and very seldom live up to what they promise or brag about.
    Results on the field are what count, and this team and this coach have certainly not delivered. The New York fans should feel like paying for a ticket to see a Jet’s game is akin to highway robbery.