Rex Ryan Talks Crap to Dolphins Fans at Strikeforce Miami

Jets coach Rex Ryan is in South Florida to serve as the coach of the AFC Pro Bowl team and he was one of several NFL people in attendance at Strikeforce Miami. Ryan was interviewed in advance of Herschel Walker’s successful MMA debut and he couldn’t help but stir something up with the fans in attendance. Wade through the beginning of this minute-long interview to hear WWE promoter Rex Ryan set Dolphins fans straight:

Gotta love sexy Rexy who’s never to shy to get in a jab at his opponents. The best part wasn’t captured on this video and that was when the interviewer introduced Rex Ryan as the “quarterback” of the Jets before correcting herself. It was pretty clear she was clueless. I’m guessing you already picked up on that by the question asking if Rex would step into the ring — he saves that for Channing Crowder.

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  • SpinMax

    I can hear Bruce Jacobs laughing

  • Herb

    This guy we call rex ryan has major issues and no class what so ever,You dont go into a town running your mouth about there team especially after they beat you twice all year he didnt stop with put downs and remarks about injured players and judging there quality of play. Most people in the NFL can play ball any how rex then shows up at another event seeming drunk telling dolphin fans etc to fu-k off with his finger and more verbal abuse said and at all these venues what was there yes kids and more kids . What a poor role model,the NFL needs to stop this guys behavior,I dont understand whats happening in the NFL. looks like another tom cable wanna be ,another dangerous guy.

  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    Rex was able, for some reason, to convince many media members that his Jets would be able to defeat the Colts. The entire week before that game, numerous alleged experts chose the Jets to win straight up, even without the spread.

    Did all of these boneheads really believe what they were blathering when that prediction left their mouths? Or was it simply another example of pandering to the east coast population base while hoping to look intelligent if an upset happened? Do you think they put money on that prediction? Did they truly believe that the NY Jets were a better team than the Indianapolis Colts?

    The truth is…they HOPED that the Jets would beat the Colts, and they also knew that nobody would call them on their prediction after the game was over. What a waste of airtime so many of these people are.