Richard Sherman not misquoted about Adderall, but taken out of context

richard sherman crazyRichard Sherman was not misquoted when he said half the NFL takes Adderall, but he was taken out of context.

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback said this week that half the players in the NFL use Adderall. He later claimed he was misquoted after he received some backlash. The Sun provided video that shows his comments were taken out of context.

Sherman won an appeal and avoided a four-game suspension last season despite allegedly testing positive for Adderall. After saying half the league used Adderall, the NFL called him “ill-informed.” Sherman then blamed the media for the confusion:

As the video proves, Sherman did say half the league takes Adderall, but context shows his words came in an exaggerating manner, and that he meant Adderall is taken with medical approval. Maybe Sherman was right here and the media did spin his words. Apologies from us to you, Richard.

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  • http://twitter.com/seahawkeye Mark Dickenson

    When the story ‘broke’ the headlines implied Richard Sherman was saying that half the league uses Adderall illegally. That was the misquote. As the footage clearly shows, he’s saying half the league is permitted to use it under the NFL’s exemption rules. That’s his quote. It’s totally different to the misquote. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Thus he was misquoted.

    Sadly, now he’s saying “I never said ‘half the league'” when he clearly did, which really confuses the matter.

    But still, the whole beat-up comes from the misquote and you’re just adding to the hysteria with your headline here.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Updated the story. His words were taken out of context and The Sun misrepresented his words, and us and others contributed to that.