Richard Sherman apologizes for rant, taking spotlight away from teammates

Richard Sherman Erin Andrews

Less than a day after becoming the focal point of the Seattle Seahawks’ 23-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday because of his rants and taunting, Richard Sherman apologized for his behavior.

“I apologize for attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates … That was not my intent,” Sherman said Monday in a text message to ESPN’s Ed Werder.

Sherman also told ESPN Radio’s “SVP and Russillo” show that he could have worded things differently, but it’s too late now.

“Obviously I could have worded things better and could obviously have had a better reaction and done things differently,” he said during the interview. “But it is what it is now, and people’s reactions are what they are.”

Though the Seahawks star CB didn’t explicitly apologize until now, he did express regret in a column he wrote for SI’s Monday Morning Quarterback.

“It was loud, it was in the moment, and it was just a small part of the person I am. I don’t want to be a villain, because I’m not a villainous person,” Sherman wrote.

Sherman’s apology is probably too late to change most peoples’ perception of him. They probably had an instant reaction to his taunting of Michael Crabtree and postgame interview and either hate or love what he did. But I do believe his apology and thoughts expressed in the SI column reflect what he wrote: the interview is only a small part of who he is. I don’t believe he is a villain; I just think he’s a guy who gets psyched up for football and got caught up in the moment. Oh yeah, he also loves to trash talk and is probably the biggest talker in the game. We definitely can’t leave that out.

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  • N., Mark

    Sherman still has failed to own up to what he said at the very end of his interview with EA. Sherman can be heard clearly stating M.O.B. (Member of Bloods). This should be an extremely fine-able offense. The irony in all this is the FS1 aired a piece earlier Sunday on how Sherman had triumphed in surviving the gang saturated streets of Compton.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    He said “L.O.B.” which stands for Legion of Boom, which is the nickname of the Seahawks’ secondary. Nice try though.