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Monday, November 19, 2018

Richard Sherman explains what inspired his praise of classy Peyton Manning

Richard Sherman Peyton ManningIf there’s one thing about Peyton Manning that you can say about him that can’t be taken away, it’s that he’s as classy of a player as there is. He is humble, respectful and he doesn’t really act like he knows he’s one of the best players of all time. His sportsmanship is also pretty incredible — few players act better in victory or defeat than him. That sort of humility goes a long way and is a big part of the reason why he’s so well liked. It also explains why Richard Sherman was moved to tweet about Manning after the game on Sunday night.

Shortly after winning the Super Bowl, Sherman tweeted to his followers calling Peyton the classiest player/person he’s ever met and urging them not to bash Manning. What prompted the tweets? Something Peyton did after the game.

“I was crutching my way up to the press conference,” said Sherman, who was on crutches after the game. “I got tapped on the shoulder and tried to turn around as quick as I could. Just saw a hand out, extended out, and somebody asked me how I was and how I was doing, how I was feeling. It happened to be Peyton Manning.

“It takes an incredible amount of class and humility to do that after a game like that, on such a big stage. He has the utmost respect for me and my teammates in how he handles himself. He’s still a Hall of Fame player and Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP. It was really one of the most incredible moments of my life to see that kind of class shown after a game.”

I don’t know if Peyton’s behavior is enough to convert Sherman from a loudmouth trash talker into a humble player, but we sure appreciate the story. It’s just another reason to like Peyton, and another reason why it’s so hard to criticize him.

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