Richie Incognito reportedly kept on involuntary psychiatric hold

Richie Incognito DolphinsThough earlier reports said Richie Incognito had checked himself into rehab because of all the stress he’s been going through, it now looks like the former Miami Dolphins lineman is being kept on involuntary psychiatric hold.

According to TMZ, Incognito has been struggling recently with all the stress from the bullying case and his parents’ divorce. He and a friend talked Thursday about getting him some help, and he reportedly wrestled with the idea of getting psychiatric help. He and a friend reportedly agreed Thursday night that he should get help, so they called police to ask for a ride to a facility because they decided they were too drunk to drive.

At this point it sounds like he was checking in voluntarily, but the report says Incognito freaked out at some point while he was there and wanted to leave. That’s when it changed from Incognito being held involuntarily.

Involuntary commitments usually last 72 hours.

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  • afannaz

    wow, i called his 5150 in the near future, yesterday. it was just a matter of time. it ended up to be less than 12 hours later. who do you think is stronger (now)? no doubt, martin has been stronger through the whole thing! good luck to incognito dealing with his incredible anger, among his other issues! hope he can find some peace…