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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ricky Williams’ wife upset with him for tweeting about their great sex

Recently retired running back Ricky Williams was tweeting early Saturday about the incredible sex he had with his wife, but he ended up deleting the tweets after she got upset.

Williams apparently was touting a website that helps people channel positive sexual energy and in the process he bragged about his great sex. Here are the tweets he sent (since deleted) as saved by Sports Rantz (read from the bottom up):

The oops tweet was in reference to his sex tweets creating a stir. Shortly after sending the messages, he said his wife was upset about his mentions of their sex life.

“I think I’m going to delete my Twitter account this afternoon. My wife is pissed at me for talking about sex. This was fun though. Thanks.”

All the tweets are gone now, but luckily Ricky’s account isn’t. Hopefully he didn’t get in as much trouble as Rocky McIntosh.

Thanks to Media Rantz for the story

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