Riley Cooper at Kenny Chesney concert: ‘I will fight every n—-r here’ (NSFW Video)

Riley-Cooper-Kenny-Chesney-concertPhiladelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper could be getting a lot of dirty looks the next time he walks into his team’s facility. Cooper, who is expected to have a bigger role in Philly’s offense now that Jeremy Maclin is out for the year, attended a Kenny Chesney concert earlier this summer. Unfortunately, someone caught him on video saying something very racist.

Cooper reportedly got into an altercation in the parking lot before the concert, but that was a separate incident. He apparently got into an argument with someone inside the concert as well, and Crossing Broad has obtained a video of the 25-year-old dropping an N-bomb during the disagreement. Here’s the clip, which obviously has a NSFW word.

As The Big Lead pointed out, the guy in the video is definitely Cooper. You can see him in this video taking the stage with Chesney wearing the exact same outfit. Unless there was someone at the concert with the same exact outfit that looked exactly like him, it was him.

Cooper said he was talking about a black bouncer when he made the comment. The fact that there are people out there who still say racist things like this is enough to make you cringe, let alone someone who plays in the NFL and takes the field alongside several African-American teammates day after day. I’m sure Cooper will have plenty of explaining and apologizing to do.

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  • 40Glocc

    I’ve never met a person who just “slips” and says that word in that manner.

    In vino veritas.

  • ryan monroe

    if a black person were to yell ” ill fight every cracka in here” no one would have cared.

  • Jerry Pecks

    That’s because we “crackers” were never slaves. Duhhhhhhhhh…

  • deathtoallpoliticians

    you think that is a good enough answer, jerry? so, because blacks were slaves once, many, many years ago, they have the right to racism now? are you hearing wtf you are saying? are you really that stupid, jerry?

  • FallenHeros

    yes crackas were slaves….

  • Guest

    This is a non-story about a drunk at a concert. Move on.

  • dennis shelton

    I heard a black woman say in court just the other day that nigga was not a racist term. Rachel geantel said that nigga was a term used to describe a “DUDE” or MAN and that it was NOT a racist word. Creepy assed Cracker is not a racist term either according to the racist authorities on the subject.

  • dennis shelton

    Wrong Jerry. There were white slaves in the past also. Eventually they learned to read and write and speak the common language though , and therefore lifted themselves up from their lot in life. They did not sit around and complain that somebody was not doing enough to “HELP” them while doing everything they could to keep themselves down.