Rob Ryan’s face says it all after Saints blow game (GIF)

Rob Ryan faceNothing could possibly encapsulate the disappointment of blowing a sure victory against the New England Patriots more than the reaction of New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. The guy’s schemes had bothered Tom Brady all day and he thought he was going to walk away with a great win. Instead, the Patriots somehow pulled off a win, driving 70 yards in 1:03 to win the game 30-27. Ryan’s face said it all.

That, my friends, is the agony of a gut-wrenching defeat.

GIF via @BuzzFeedSports

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  • Mytemp420

    Saints now own the worst game management coaching job in the history fo the NFL. Pitiful. Not sure if it was arrogance or ignorance that lost the game, but whoever thinks Sean Payton is the best coach in the league is sadly mistaken.