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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Robert Griffin III responds to wedding invitation with autograph


Sending wedding invitations to your favorite NFL player seems to be a new fad that is sweeping the nation, and I’m sure the bride and groom never hear back in most situations. Such was not the case with Washington Redskin fan Zach Curley, who recently sent a wedding invitation to Robert Griffin III and his wife Rebecca.

Griffin responded to the invite the same way Peyton Manning responded to one back in December, only RG3 took it a step further. He signed the invitation itself and sent an autographed trading card as well.

“Shocked,” Curley told DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg when asked how he reacted. “Just that somebody as big as RGIII would take the time, right away, to write something back — I thought that was really cool. Obviously I’ll be a Redskins fan all my life, but he will be my favorite player from now on, until the end of time.”

We all know RG3 had a horrible 2013 season and was on the receiving end of a lot of negative publicity. Curley is hoping to alleviate some of that by sharing Griffin’s wedding response.

“It’s been a crappy year for the whole team, obviously, but he kind of got a bad rap,” he said. “It seems like he’s just had a lot of bad press lately, and nothing’s been going anybody’s way around the Redskins. So the fact that he’s had a bad few months, and that he could still respond back to somebody he doesn’t know and will never meet, that was really special and means a lot to me.”

Fans also sent RG3 and his wife wedding gifts from their public wedding registry back in May, and the couple took the time to respond to each person with a thank you note. Kudos to Griffin for the nice gesture.

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