Roy Williams Says He and Romo ‘Connecting Like Montana and Rice’

Roy Williams — the same receiver who has been a complete disappointment since the Cowboys traded for him expecting to get a pure No. 1 receiving threat — has made a prediction for the upcoming season that even Tony Romo can’t be too pleased with.  Sir Drops-A lot has set Cowboys fans up for a complete letdown if they believe his latest claims made during a radio interview on ESPN 1300 in Houston.  Here’s what Roy Williams had to say about the chemistry he and Romo have developed:

You know, last year around this time we were throwing and catching and it wasn’t very good. Just to be quite honest with you, we were missing balls, and bad throws and drops and all that in the offseason that carried over to the season. But this year, we’re connecting like Montana and Rice. It’s night and day from last year so I know we’re expecting big things for both of us.”

Come again, Roy?  I suppose if Williams plans to catch at least 70 more passes than the 38 he caught last year and haul in about seven or eight more touchdowns to improve upon his total of seven from 2009, he may be on to something.  Tony Romo is an underdog who has exceeded expectations for the better part of his career.  His social life with Jessica Simpson will no longer be an issue — as some teammates believed it was in the past — because the two no longer date.  But if you’re Roy Williams, why put yourself in a situation where your predictions are impossible to live up to?

Rice and Montana hooked up for 55 touchdowns and won two Super Bowls together during their years with the 49ers.  Williams and Romo have yet to break the 10 touchdown reception mark, and of course have no rings.  There’s nothing wrong with confidence or expressing optimism about an upcoming season,  but Roy Williams doesn’t need to do it at the expense of his quarterback and Dallas Cowboy fans by claiming the duo can match the greatest quarterback-wide receiver combination to ever play the game.

Roy Williams Claims He And Tony Romo Will Be Like Rice And Montana This Season [Sportress of Blogitude via Yardbarker]

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s nice to hear Roy’s confidence but the chances of that happening are slim. Roy’s underperformed greatly but a big part of the problem is Jerry Jones. He traded way too much for Roy and signed him to too big of a deal, creating expectations that never should have existed.

  • johnny jihadist

    no possible way to defend the justified label of williams as a career under-acheiver…but, that being said, i guarantee you that when he was becoming a phenom and living the friday night lights lifestyle in texas where football means the world, he had absolutely NO CLUE who the hell tony romo was…so sick and tired of everything this guy does somehow becoming newsworthy for some stupid uexplained reason…he’s a NOBODY from NOWHERE that NO ONE has ***ever*** heard of…i’m not a cowboy hater in the least, but merely wearing that star on his helmet and playing for a high profile team does _not_ make you a big deal…WIN SOMETHING!…is he the first pro athlete to ever date hot chicks?…fantasy nerd nation is the biggest culprit…nothing worse than walking into a sports bar and seeing a bunch of fems sitting there glued to every move of some guy they’ve NEVER heard of in their entire life, all the while being OBLIVIOUS to the actual score of the game