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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ryan Leaf released from Montana prison and looks like hell

Ryan Leaf mugshot

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids! Ryan Leaf has made parole!

Leaf was released from a Great Falls, Montana, prison on Thursday and is out on parole after serving time for breaking into two homes and stealing prescription drugs in 2012.

Leaf was initially doing his time in a drug treatment facility, but he was transferred to a regular prison after threatening a staff member. Leaf also has some matters to handle in Texas; his arrest in Montana violated the terms of his parole in Texas, where he pleaded guilty to other drug charges.

Leaf was listed by the correctional facility as being 6-foot-6, 250 pounds and having a stocky build. Left out of the correctional facility’s profile on Leaf is the long, shaggy hair, bloated face, and glazed over look.

Someone on Twitter put it perfectly: Leaf looks like the missing link between young and old Biff Tanner:

The only positive thing we can say is at least it looks like Leaf won’t have to serve time in Texas because he’ll receive credit for his time in Montana.

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