Sam Bradford Autographs Fan’s ‘Marry Me’ Poster, Makes Her Swoon

Who knew Sam Bradford was so well loved in St. Louis? What happens when he makes a Pro Bowl, wins MVP, or wins a Super Bowl? Will there be any of the female population in St. Louis left or will they all have died from delight after getting an autograph like this young lass?

UPDATE: The fan who created the poster has been identified. A young woman named Carly Triggs tells LBS that she is the girl who proposed to Bradford.

Triggs says she has been a fan since Bradford was at Oklahoma and that Saturday was the best night of her life. She wrote on twitter “Sam Bradford I love you so much. Thanks for being amazing.”

The young lady added that she’s “Completely in shock from what happened last night. I cry everytime I think about it.”

It’s nice that Sam made her day (year?).

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  • Anonymous

    from a legal aspect, does his signiture constitute acceptance of the proposal and therefore he is legally bound to marry the woman? can she sue for specific performance? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000228330115 Vince Carter

    you can actually hear her overies clanging together I think

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AL6TDE5GF7H3DE6TOAM2ZFQONU Bill M

    Really that’s your thought process……

  • Anonymous

    no Billy, that’s really not my thought process. is that okay? what’s your thought process?