Santana Moss thinks Bucs sabotaged Redskins’ headset on final drive

Robert Griffin III led the Redskins to a 24-22 victory at Tampa Bay on Sunday and, making matters more impressive, he did it all despite not having proper communication with his coaches because of a headset malfunction on the final drive.

Griffin could be seen pointing to his helmet with both index fingers during the final drive as it to say, “I can’t hear anything.” He confirmed after the game that his radio had gone out.

“The whole drive was a little complicated,” Griffin said, according to the Washington Times. “In practice, every week we always practice me calling the plays in 2-minute acting as if the headset goes out. And the funny this was the headset did go out on that drive.”

Redskins receiver Santana Moss, who had three catches for 33 yards, suspected the Bucs sabotaged them.

“Happens every time,” Moss said after the game, per Yahoo! Sports’ Eric Adelson. “No lie. I’ve been in the league 12 years, I’ve been in plenty of games, and the home team goes, ‘Oh well.'”

According to Adelson, Moss mimicked yanking an imaginary plug out of a wall.

The act of a home team sabotaging a visiting team’s headset communication on a last drive is hardly unusual; we’ve posted several examples of teams saying their headsets went out on the final drive. We don’t doubt that it happened, and that the Bucs did it on purpose.

Giffin still had no trouble leading Washington to victory. He went 26/35 for 323 yards, and ran for 43 yards and a score. The Skins went 56 yards in 1:39 to set up Billy Cundiff’s winning field goal. And for Cundiff’s sake, thank goodness that he made it after missing his first three attempts.

Photo Credit: Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

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  • JamesT32

    I wouldn’t doubt that some shady shenanigans were pulled here, but the problem with a story like this is that even if no one in the Bucs organization had anything to do with screwing with the ‘Skins communications neither Moss nor any Redskins fan would EVER believe as much, regardless of evidence to the contrary, which renders the whole subject fairly pointless in the end.  Deem that cynical if you choose, but that’s the truth.  Amazing how common it is for the importance of kicking specialists to be maligned and downplayed when the difference in a game often comes largely down to a punter’s ability to flip field position late or a kicker’s ability to make a late field goal under enormous pressure.  I suppose that just goes to show how small an understanding some have of what they witness every week.

  • joeyjust4u2

    A lot of times,communications is shut down for the visiting teams.However,our team is capable on playing the game.We do what we have done in practice.We still need a kicker,the game should not have been that close.We also need db’s,D. Hall is a damn joke.

  • JamesT32

    With all due respect, what do you really know about communication snafus being instigated by home teams? You’re guessing at best based on things you’ve heard others say, you have no inside knowledge on such events. Also, I don’t know the extent of your education but your writing and punctuation are just plain awful. I’d suggest some study guides and increased reading on your part coupled with less TV in general and less football specifically would likely do you a world of good.