Seahawks given extra timeout by replacement referees, still lose

While everything replacement referee-related seemed to go smoothly in the opener between the Cowboys and Giants on Wednesday and in the early session of games on Sunday, the replacement officials were noticeably bad in the second half of games on Sunday. There were plenty of missed calls in the 49ers-Packers game, and the most embarrassing moment came in the Seahawks-Cardinals game when the refs gave Seattle an extra timeout.

On a 2nd and 10 from the Cardinals 13, Doug Baldwin dove for a pass in the end zone and landed on the ball after nearly making a touchdown catch. He appeared to have the wind knocked out of him and he laid on the ground for a minute. The Seahawks had one timeout left at that point, and it was used as an injury timeout since the game was inside the two-minute warning. After the injury timeout, the Seahawks were out of timeouts. Except the refs somehow gave them one, perhaps incorrectly ruling that they should not have been charged with a timeout because there was an incomplete pass on the previous play.

Here is the exact rule that applies based on the NFL’s rulebook (PDF):

Thanks to the extra timeout they had, the Seahawks elected to run the ball on 1st and goal from the 6. They called a timeout after Marshawn Lynch gained two yards, and the Cardinals (and their fans) began complaining that Seattle was given an extra timeout.

Referee Bruce Hermansen explained why they gave the Seahawks an extra timeout.

“Seattle did have a timeout to use,” he incorrectly explained. “Their third timeout was a result of an incomplete pass followed by an injury. The clock was not running. They were not charged without that timeout. This is their third and final timeout.”

The Seahawks coaches knew they were handed an extra timeout by the refs and could be seen smirking on the sidelines:

But the timeout didn’t help them. They threw three straight incompletions and lost the game 20-16. And guess what? Braylon Edwards let a pass go through his hands in the end zone on their final offensive play. Some things never change.

That wasn’t the only thing the replacement refs did on Sunday that drew attention. A few players blasted them for missed calls during games.

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  • http://Denverbroncos.com/ Virgil Cole

    To be fair, the regular ref’s have made some game changing calls themselves quite a few times.

  • http://twitter.com/BriereBear J.J.

    No more bad calls than with regular referees … I think everyone’s trying to nitpick.  Case: Al Michaels noting 2-minute warning in 4th quarter came in between a touchdown and extra point.  By rule, he’s correct, it comes after the conversion, but what effect does this have on the game?

  • BigAl73

    In the Pit ~ Denver game the refs did better at thier jobs then the play-by-play announcer did at his. Al Micheals is the 2nd luckest guy in the world only behind Joe Buck

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OMGJUXAU3EMO4USDVYIYQ6SXZA jeff sage

    I think the most missed calls involve holding and offsides.  It seems the refs are focused more on not missing the major penalties than the minor. I noticed that on almost all the games I watched on Sunday. You know what I thought, by letting some of the small stuff go, it speed up the game and the players were able to adjust and the players decided the outcome not the refs by calling some ticky-tacky penalty. This was their first week, the “professional refs” have had years of game experience and still miss penalties. So relax and let the players decide outcome and not refs.

  • Michael Bednarz

    No mention of the pass interference non-call against the Seahawk receiver on the LAST pass play of the game? Maybe that ball wouldn’t have gone thru his hands if the defender had let go of his jersey a second earlier? You could clearly see his jersey being stretched as the guy held him during coverage. Blatant. A horrible missed PI call.

  • GwymaN

    watch the saints game agaist the skins they got away with everything

  • GwymaN

    Trust me the refs have not lost a game for a team yet!But its coming.They are overmatch and out of sight this game is too fast and too much thinking involved they cannot make a call as quick as the real ones.They are really nothing more than high school refs