Brady Quinn Blown Off for a Kiss by Lindy Slinger (Video)

Brady Quinn may have slid to 22nd overall in the NFL draft, but that may not have been his biggest embarrassment of the weekend. Actually, being blown off for a kiss by girlfriend Lindy Slinger may have been worse.

The woman in question is Quinn’s girlfriend, and Miami of Ohio soccer player, Lindy Slinger. She and Brady have been dating for quite some time.

“I’ve been in a long-term relationship now for a good amount of time,” he told Fox Sports Radio. “I really don’t look anywhere else. She’s definitely a girl who I look to be with in the future, here sometime in the next couple years. She’s a great girl — I’ve been fortunate to find her at such a young age.”

Congratulations to the young couple as they appear to have found love at such an early age, but we’d like to see more support from a girlfriend during a difficult time for her loved one.

UPDATE: Brady Quinn is now dating Alicia Sacramone. Maybe the blown off kiss had something to do with it.

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  • BOBA

    ???? i thought quinn was banging aj hawks sister?

  • http://none Me

    A.J. Hawk married Quinn’s sister.

  • http://diamondhoggers.blogspot.com TheNaturalMevs

    It’s his HS sweetheart ladies and gents. She’s a cool gal.


  • Zok

    I think she might be a cover in the same way that Mike Piazza and Jeff Garcia are “married” to Playboy girls when we all know they are as flaming as you can get. B Quinn may be the first male athlete to come out while still playing.

  • http://diamondhoggers.blogspot.com TheNaturalMevs

    I don’t think so Zok. The gay jokes are pretty stupid in the way of the Brownies new star QB. He’d kick your ass, your 3 best friends ass, all while enjoying your girlfriend on her knees. Nothing queer about that.

  • abe shorey

    Find Spongebob, Patrick has gone off the deep end.

  • Dan

    I saw her with Brady Quinn at Pat O’Briens in New Orleans a few nights before the Sugar Bowl. They only stayed a few minutes (as soon as people recognized him they started chanting LSU), and after he left I heard several people say that if they were Brady Quinn, they’d definitely be nailing a hotter chick.

    I’d still do her, though.

  • Fred

    Awww, that’s kinda cute in a sad pathetic way.

    Man if I was 22, ripped, and rich as shit I would be rolling naked in cash with strippers and models.

    Then again…I’m old, fat, and commenting on a blog in the middle of the day.

  • Nicky P

    What’s the big deal? Brady Quinn isn’t dating a Hollywood hussy or supermodel, so we look down upon him? That’s ridiculous. The girl is very attractive, but more importantly, if he digs her and their relationship, who cares? Why is it imperative he spend his millions on booze, cheap strippers, and/or gossip whores from Hollywood?

  • http://www.gamedaythreads.com Grizzle

    Hey, if she was around AFTER he got picked, not just before, she might be a keeper!

  • Brittany

    You know she seems like she might be a nice girl but she completely gave him the cold shoulder at the draft. first she moved away from his kiss then she rolled her eyes at him.

  • tom

    Looks like Lindy got kicked to the curb. Brady was with some brunette chick this past weekend in California. Pictures are on internet and they look very cozy.

    Guess Lindy wasn’t the one. She seemed kind of snobby anyhow.

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  • Tara Kristen

    I’m telling you right now, if I had the chance to meet Brady he’d be MY Man….it’s totally not fair.

  • AliciaTool

    Brady Quin is dating Alicia Sacramone


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