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Friday, May 25, 2018

Sportsbooks consider Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow equals

There have been many calls for Tim Tebow to supplant Mark Sanchez as the Jets’ starting quarterback in light of the offense’s stagnant start. The team is 2-2, ranked 23rd in the league in points and 28th in yards. While many feel like a change to Tebow could spark the offense, sportsbooks consider the two quarterbacks to be equal.

RJ Bell at Pregame.com explained in an email that the spread for the Jets’ Monday night game against the Texans would be the same (it’s currently Jets +8) regardless of whether Sanchez or Tebow starts. According to Bell, “this fact implies that Vegas considers Tim Tebow to be an equal quarterback to Mark Sanchez.”

It’s no surprise that they’re considered equals by sportsbooks. We already know what Sanchez gives the Jets, and it’s not very much. Tebow is not very respected as a quarterback because of his throwing deficiencies. But at least he can make some plays happen.

I said before the season began that the Tebow would probably be the starter after about four games, so it’s no surprise that we’re at the point where the speculation has begun. Coach Rex Ryan has said he will not let the media control his team, but there was a report earlier this week suggesting that team owner Woody Johnson might tell the coaches to play Tebow if the team doesn’t turn things around.

We’ve felt for a while that Sanchez isn’t the answer for the Jets at quarterback. They might as well play Tebow and see if he can reproduce some of the magic he had last season. And then they should go back to the draft and see about finding a new franchise quarterback.

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