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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Steve Weatherford is ridiculous ripped, especially for a punter


It is very rare that we will take time out of our busy day here at LBS to bring you a photo of a man flexing his abs, but a punter who is as ripped as New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford deserves a little credit.

Last week, Weatherford shared a funny photo on his Instagram account of him and a fan having a flex-off. The guy with the hairy stomach clearly won, but Weatherford held his own. We understand kicking has a lot to do with core muscles, but that never seemed to be an issue for husky guys like Sebastian Janikowski or oldies like John Kasay and Jason Hanson.

Are we talking LaRon Landry-type strength here? Not exactly, but I’d probably take Weatherford as my pick to win a cage match between all 32 NFL teams’ starting punters.

H/T Eye on Football

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