Taylor Swift reportedly has a crush on Tim Tebow

Looks like this Tim Tebow-Taylor Swift chatter isn’t going to go away quickly. With gossip swirling that the two are dating, Us Weekly informs us that Swift has a “puppy dog crush” on the Broncos quarterback.

“Yes, she has a crush on him,” a source told the magazine. “She is a massive fan, but I don’t think he sees her that way.”

The story cites two sources, which is two more than I even knew were possible for such a story. But even still, this news is a contradiction to the recent People report that said these two potential lovebirds were merely friends.

Either way, we don’t know what Tebow is waiting for. The country singer isn’t the first celebrity to allegedly have a thing for Timmy. But out of all his admirers, Swift is perhaps the most normal, and the whole Christianity angle works out both ways. So, come on, Tebow. Do it for us. Do it for you.

Oh, and if things don’t work out with Taylor, we know Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian are interested.

Photo credits: Flickr; Matthew Emmons, US Presswire

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PDO4NF5FBT2NCBXURRDATD7GMU MIXEDSINGLE.c o m❤date and mar

      OMG,I want to share a mews to you. My best fríènd ,she just has annóuncéd hér wēddīng wīth a rich mān who is a cèlèbrìty !They mèt via~~~~mixed’single.Сσм ~~~~ ..it is the lārgēst and bēst clúb for rich man with yung and beautiful woman and theìr àdmirèrs to chát ōnlìnè. …You do nǒt hávè to bê rīch ór fāmóùs. ,bùt yōu cān meēt yóùr trùē lòvê , It’s wòrthy ǎ try!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GISSOCTU4IQ7G3WP4ITA55HW7Y nosoma

    That would be a good fit for both of them

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z5BLWFT2TK3TWNWM3D5QTIQJ7I Chase Vas

    swaley , thats a funny name, and the” whole christianity angle”, its a faith not an angle !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/billy.mcraider Billy McRaider

    Taylor is a little Rascal for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Run!!!!!!!!!!….Tim, If you don’t measure up, Taylor will write a song about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chelsea-Mcneal/100001469346491 Chelsea Mcneal

    “Puppy Dog Crush”, are you serious? how old is this girl? Taylor needs to quit acting so desperate, obvious and needy. Every guy she meets(not dates, just meets)suddenly becomes her “crush”, then her next victim. She isto old to be boy crazy and She is building a horrible reputation by dating/crushing/clinging to every single aqquaintance. Pretty soon NO ONE will want to even meet her. Grow up Taylor, stop “crushing” , write some real songs not bubblegum pop crap from your diary(at your age a “journal” is more appropriate) about your weekly BF/teenage dramas. Your Innocent acting is not beleivable, its annoying. The “poor me” pitty party badly written, badly sung songs are getting old.  

  • Anonymous

    Sooooo….you’re saying you are a fan?