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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Terrell Owens still thinks he can make an NFL return

Terrell Owens can’t still be thinking about playing in the NFL, can he? He can. Now that T.O. has officially signed with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League — which I had never heard of until a couple weeks ago — most of us assume he has accepted the fact that he will never wear an NFL uniform again. In his mind that is not the case.

“I have no answers as for why I’m here,” Owens said according to the Star-Telegram. “I know God works in mysterious ways. It was an opportunity for myself and my family. It’s a way for myself to keep in shape. I haven’t retired from the NFL. I want to play a couple more years. I know I’m physically fit to play the game still.”

It is also an opportunity for Owens to make $500,000. Although he made around $35 million during his NFL career, T.O. sounds like he could use the money.

“I allowed people to tell me they were taking care of my situation, (and for me to) go out and focus on football,” Owens said. “I am partially at fault for that. It was an eye-opener for myself and my family. … I feel like I have been put on this platform to tell these guys, ‘Be on top of your finances.’ Because they say they are doing one thing and they’re not.”

As for furthering his NFL career: I highly doubt it. There is always an outside chance that a team in desperate need could take a chance on a guy like T.O., but he is 38 years old and a year removed from football. I don’t know much about the Indoor Football League, but I doubt it helps a receiver keep his skills sharp for the NFL. Don’t hold your breath.

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