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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Terrell Suggs T-Shirt Sends an Unoriginal Message to Pittsburgh Steelers

Is this the WWE or the NFL?  The line is starting to get a little blurred.  Between Antonio Cromartie’s explicit message to Tom Brady and now Terrell Suggs’ explicit t-shirt flipping off Steelers fans, I’m starting to wonder if this is the Wednesday before the Divisional Round of the playoffs or the Wednesday before Wrestlemania.  These two loud mouths will probably be embraced by Vince McMahon when they decide to give up football.  Check out this picture from Suggs’ Twitter that Pro Football Talk pointed out to us:

Not only is the message unoriginal, but we’ve seen this type of delivery from Suggs before when it comes to the Steelers.  Remember this t-shirt?  Whether it involves a microphone in his face or an article of clothing, Suggs has to stir up controversy and capture the spotlight any way he can.  It will be interesting to see who backs up their trash talk come this weekend — if anyone.

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