Tim Tebow Gets the Friar Tuck Haircut

We’ve already established that Tim Tebow was a certified pad carrier when it came to NFL rookie hazing, but now we know he also takes whatever they do to him like a champ. Giving rookies jacked up haircuts has become quite the trend amongst hazing rituals, and nothing compares to what the Jaguars did to their rookies. But as we found out via Sports by Brooks through LenDale White’s twitter account, messed up haircuts are the best when they’re administered to star players. Check out a picture of Tim Tebow’s new haircut from the rookie hazing:

Well, if there was one benefit from the Broncos signing LenDale White, this was it. He just earned his pay.

Friar Tebow: Denver Rookie Gets Haircut Hazing [Sports by Brooks]
LenDale White on Twitter

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  • SpinMax

    Any rook who doesn't shave his head just before camp will regret it

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    You would think that's the prudent thing for them to do. I'm guessing they already have ways of getting back at those rooks though. There are no loop holes when it comes to rookie hazing

  • SpinMax

    Ive read that for rooks with buzzed heads, they shave their eyebrows. Would you rather have a pemus or friar tuck cut, or no eyebrows? no eyebrows wins every time