Tim Tebow shows off guns chopping wood with Jase Robertson


Tim Tebow — still unemployed, but still very jacked. The former Florida Gators star spent some time working out with Jase Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.” The gun show was still enough to make the ladies as excited as they were when Jack Parkman did his little shimmy in “Major League II.”

We know Tebow was still working on his quarterback skills several months ago, so it’s good to see he is keeping up with his strength training as well. You never know when a team might come calling.

Photo: Twitter/Jase Robertson

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It makes the women here in Cleveland puke.

  • sally617

    The ESPN/SEC Network would probably take issue with your description of him as “unemployed”, since he works for them.

  • GA

    Why is Tebow even hanging around with this lame fake hillbilly, who is most likely a fake Christian as well ?