Tim Tebow still working on his quarterback skills (Video)

Tim Tebow PatriotsTim Tebow was spotted throwing passes at USC on Tuesday and running through some different quarterback drills. Is this a major development? Not at all, but the timing is interesting given the news we heard earlier this week.

On Monday, reports surfaced that Tebow has hired a well-known broadcasting agent and is exploring the possibility of beginning a career in television, either in the NFL or at the collegiate level. Then on Wednesday, TMZ posted a video of him throwing passes and working out. If nothing else, that would seem to indicate that the former Florida star hasn’t totally given up on his football dreams.

There’s a difference between working out to stay in shape and working on your throwing mechanics. It appears Tebow was doing a little bit of both, just like he did a few months ago. It could be that he simply enjoys tossing a pigskin around, or it could be that he’s still waiting for a call. My guess is it’s a little of both.

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