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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tony Dungy Upsets Wade Phillips, Tony Romo This Time

The same week that Tony Dungy elicited the anger of Chargers coach Norv Turner, he also upset the Dallas Cowboys. Dungy inspired the Cowboys last year saying they had no chance to beat the undefeated Saints, but this time his comments were reserved for quarterback Tony Romo. After Romo threw three picks including one to seal the loss for Dallas, Dungy said on NBC “Part of being a leader at the quarterback position is protecting the football. You’ve got to do that to be a great quarterback.” Fair comment, especially since that pick sealed the loss.

Well head coach Wade Phillips went after Dungy, bringing up how Tony wasn’t so successful entering a game for the Steelers as their emergency quarterback when Wade was on the Houston Oilers staff. Phillips added, “Tony Dungy has been a great coach in this league. He told everybody that New Orleans would kill us last year and we had no chance. I don’t know his credibility that way.”

Romo responded by saying that Dungy wasn’t qualified to comment on his leadership since he’s not around the team. Romo pulled a Rex Ryan, inviting Dungy to practice. “He can come along if he wants to see. He can see it anytime you’re out here. That’s just part of it. If you’d ask any of my coaches you’d probably get a different answer. If Tony Dungy was in here it’d be the same way.”

This really is unbelievable. I can’t recall another commentator — aside from Charles Barkley — whose analysis and comments caused more discomfort. For coming across and having a reputation as such a nice guy, it sure seems as if Dungy has a lot of enemies in the league. To think, we still have another three months of this!

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