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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tony Romo: I have to be a better player

Michael-Irvin-pressure-on-Tony-RomoThe only way Tony Romo will ever change his reputation is by winning a Super Bowl. Romo has been labeled a choker. He has an impressive career passer rating of 95.8, but his career playoff record of 1-3 is all most people care about. In order to improve upon that, Romo said he needs to improve as a player.

“You know I’m not into the looking back kind of thing,” Romo told NFL Media’s Desmond Purnell when asked to sum up his career. “You know when I’m done playing I’ll do that but right now it’s about improving and I’m not done growing as a football player, I have to keep getting better.”

The thing with Romo is he has been pretty good statistically. Most of his problems are between the ears, as he has a tendency to make mistakes in the most crucial situations. He also hasn’t had much help from Jerry Jones, who has failed to assemble winning teams for a number of years now.

“If I don’t get better, it doesn’t help our football team,” Romo added. “We weren’t good enough before and it just means that I have to be a better player to help this team get to where we are trying to go and that’s my ultimate goal each year.”

Romo turned 34 in April. He claims he is close to being 100% recovered from back surgery he had near the end of last season, but injuries of that nature are always a concern. It’s highly unlikely that Romo will still be playing when he’s 40, and if he does it probably won’t be at a high level. He and Jerry are running out of opportunities.

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