Tony Romo’s wife Candice attends Cowboys-Eagles game

Candice Romo Cowboys

While Tony Romo was at home recovering from back surgery, his dedicated wife was at Cowboys Stadium cheering on her husband’s team.

NBC flashed to Candice Romo sitting in a suite taking in the Cowboys-Eagles game on Sunday night. Candice is a regular at Cowboys games, where she enjoys watching her husband play.

Tony underwent back surgery for his herniated disk on Friday after epidural injections were unable to completely alleviate his pain. The Cowboys are hoping he will be ready for the team’s offseason activities in the spring.

We obviously love Candice’s devotion to the Cowboys, but we have to wonder who’s at home taking care of Tony? Hopefully he has someone around making sure he’s able to get along without any issues.

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  • Marcus Williams

    It kinda makes u wonder if Candice was apart of the negotiations with the contract. Maybe she has a “Property of Dallas Cowboys” tattoo. Her loyalty should be to her husband not the team.

  • bobc74

    As if this is the biggest Cowboys news of the day? Were any of the other injured Cowboys players wives/girlfriends/family members in attendance? Or are you just picking on Romo’s wife because an NBC camera person caught her?