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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Trent Richardson believes he has been ‘playing good’

Trent Richardson ColtsTrent Richardson has not provided any type of spark for the Indianapolis Colts since he was acquired in a trade from the Cleveland Browns two months ago. He is averaging just 2.8 yards per carry since the deal was made and has been outplayed by Donald Brown. Despite that, Richardson’s confidence remains high.

In fact, the former Alabama star told Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star on Monday that he believes he has played well.

“I’m not frustrated at all because I think I’ve been playing good,” Richardson said. “If you turn on the film, I don’t have any missed assignments. I haven’t had any missed reads. I’ve been playing good. Stuff just hasn’t matched up like we thought it would when I’m in there. I think teams match up differently when I come in.”

If Richardson is completely satisfied with looking like an undrafted free agent, the Colts have a problem. There have been plenty of instances where the Indy offensive line simply isn’t creating space for Richardson, but great running backs create lanes for themselves and make defenders miss. Richardson has done not of that.

“If I don’t have big runs because they’re trying to stop the run, then I feel like I’m doing my job,” he said. “Now, if I’m out there missing my reads and not blocking and not being a (complete) back, that’s different. Being an all-around back, you have to be able to block, be able to catch, you just have to make plays every way you can.

“I think I’ve been on my job the whole time.”

The bottom line is the Colts gave up a first round pick for Richardson in hopes that he would become a difference maker. He still has time to turn it around, but there’s no way the front office isn’t concerned. Even Chuck Pagano said he doesn’t know “what the heck is going on,” so it’s safe to say he’s not as satisfied as Richardson. Maybe Jim Brown was right after all.

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