Vicks alters Drew Brees ad so his birthmark is on the wrong cheek (Picture)

Is the birthmark Drew Brees has on his face similar to Cindy Crawford’s mole? Anyone who is familiar with Brees and has seen him without a helmet on knows he has a birthmark on one of his cheeks. Those of you who have a photographic memory may remember that the birthmark is on Brees’ right cheek. If you go by the Vicks advertisement above that a Twitter user shared on Monday, the Saints quarterback has one on each cheek.

The image on the left is correct. The image on the right shows a birthmark on Brees’ left cheek that doesn’t actually exist. Photos are airbrushed all the time for advertising purposes, but why did Vicks feel the need to give Brees an extra birthmark?

The only thing I can think of is that the creators of the ad feel as though Brees’ birthmark is a strong identifier for him. Perhaps seeing a birthmark — regardless of which cheek it is on — reassures our subconscience that the man in the picture is in fact the Super Bowl MVP and future Hall of Famer. Or perhaps our man Danny Lee was right when he wrote that sports advertising has simply gone too far.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/H4M4Y7ZK7ACJA7W432RPNOPDSQ elocuted

    Have you ever flipped/mirrored an image in any photo shop program? Seems like an instance of efficiency where explotation of a birth mark is a happy circumstance.  But whatever RHOBH/Jersey Shore drama that fills your page works too..

  • SteveDelVecchio

    Thought of that. Do those two birthmarks look alike to you? They would be identical if the mirror image theory were correct

  • ColdZ

    Look alike to me – looks like someone in the lab just flipped the image and someone needed something to write about..

    And I would think that the advertising company that handled this ad would be more to blame than Vicks itself as it would have been them overseeing the production.  Yes Vicks missed it or was probably thinking “whos really gonna give a damn” when/if they saw it

    Guess they got their answer…

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrewaprice Drew Price

    Who really cares?  Brees and the Saints suck this season.