Vince Wilfork on NFL protecting the passer: Quarterbacks are wimpy

In comparison with previous seasons, Vince Wilfork did a decent job of not drawing many flags and fines for hits on the quarterback last season. For a guy who was fined four times by the league throughout the 2007 season alone, Wilfork has come a long way in adapting to the rules that protect passers. That doesn’t mean he agrees with them.

“One thing I’d get rid of is the penalties, certain penalties,” he said according the Boston Herald. “I can do without them. You have a guy that’s making $30 million a year (the quarterback), but you can’t touch him. C’mon, let’s be for real now. Me as a defensive lineman, it’s OK for somebody to hold me up, and another guy to come and chop my legs, and I can’t protect myself. I can do without that. That’s probably the main thing. Being able to hit a quarterback good. We need that. We need that back right there.

“But you hurt the franchise of your team if you’re allowed to tee off on the quarterback. Cuz you know, quarterbacks are wimpy.”

Wilfork’s opinion is by no means original, but I bet a certain teammate of his wouldn’t share it. Tom Brady is one of the most protected quarterbacks in the league, and officials have tightened up even more since a torn ACL caused him to miss the entire 2008 season. Quarterbacks make the most money, but they bring in the most as well. The NFL is a predominantly passing league now and its popularity has never been higher. Superstar quarterbacks are the cash cows for the league, so naturally they’re going to be protected. Even if many of them do act like wimps.

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  • Jason Walker

    …your QB is the face for ‘wimpy’ QBs lol

  • Anonymous

    I laugh at these comments when the defensive players forgot THEY are beneficiaries of the ORIGINAL “wimp” rule THAT ALLOWS A QB TO BE HIT “WORSE THAN THEY CAN BE HIT – UNDER “TODAY’S” RULES…

    1) for QB protection:…A defensive player CAN run up from behind a QB who’s STANDING STILL & STRAIGHT-UP – and even if the QB cant see him -the Defensive player CAN hit him as hard as possible BUT it must be “between the head & knees” NOT to any part of the head – or the knees or below the knees

    (the defensive players say the head and knees make it “too hard” to hit legally)  Uh huh…

    2) for DEFENSIVE player protection… NO offensive player may EVER come up from behind ANY defensive player and hit him “between the knees & head” – In fact NO offensive player may make ANY contact, “block” or even TOUCH a defensive player from behind.  To “legally” block the defensive player he MUST GO AROUND TO THE FRONT OF THE OFFENSIVE PLAYER AND MAY ONLY MAKE CONTACT IF “IN FRONT” OF THE DEFENSIVE PLAYER.  ALL “touches” from behind a defensive player MUST be a penalty – It’s been deemed it’s TOO DANGEROUS for ANY defensive player to even endure a “touch” from behind – regardless whether he is pursuing the offensive ball carrier – he’s too vulnerable to injury – even a “push” ANYWHERE from behind COULD INJURE him

    YET… Go ahead and NAIL the QB who’s STANDING STILL and just bury your shoulder straight into his back shoulders hips – back of his throwing arm – as HARD AS YOU WANT – all LEGAL HITS.

    I guess a “touch” from behind a standing QB isn’t “too dangerous” – for a QB??????