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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Von Miller’s six-game suspension likely because of urine sample tampering

Von Miller BroncosVon Miller was suspended six games by the NFL for a violation of the league’s drug policy.

A player facing suspension for a first violation would ordinarily only be suspended four games, but Miller got an extra two games. That is because he violated the drug policy in another way(s) that resulted in a greater suspension.

According to a report, Miller tampered with his sample.

ESPN reported on Monday that Miller was flagged for a “diluted sample.” The Denver Broncos linebacker reportedly was asked to provide a sample before an offseason workout/practice and spilled the sample. He could not produce another sample, so he continued to practice and then came back to give another sample, which apparently was diluted.

Miller’s test problems bears some resemblance to former Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams, who also tampered with his test and gave collector’s non-human urine.

A report last month said Miller did not fail a drug test. Miller was adamant that he “did nothing wrong” when reports of the suspension emerged. But his voice changed on Tuesday when he accepted the suspension.

“The Substances of Abuse policy requires everyone to comply with the rules,” Miller said in a statement.

“Although my suspension doesn’t result from a positive test, there is no excuse for my violations of the rules. I made mistakes and my suspension has hurt my team, Broncos fans, and myself. I am especially sorry for the effect of my bad decisions on others.

“I will not make the same mistakes about adhering to the policy in the future. During my time off the field, I will work tirelessly and focus exclusively on remaining in peak shape. I look forward to contributing immediately upon my return to the field and bringing a championship back to the people of Denver.”

What’s that saying? Something about the coverup and the crime.

Miller initially saw problems after testing positive for marijuana and amphetamines in his rookie season. He was flagged for failing a drug test earlier this year.

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