Vontae Davis: ‘We prepared hard for Tom Brady’ (Video)

Vontae DavisThe Indianapolis Colts were able to do something no other team in the NFL could do: stop Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Maybe the reason they were able to find success against Manning was they had a different game plan from everyone else. I mean you heard it from Vontae Davis, who said after the game that preparing for Tom Brady was the secret. Oops!

Davis did have five tackles and two passes defended during the game, so maybe we’ll cut him some slack for the blunder.

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  • John Ortiz

    Anyone ever think that maybe it was a shot at Peyton because of what Irsay said about Brady ? Nah. Mathis states after the game that they play as a team and the Broncos have 52 other guys. That’s not a shot either, right? LOL.