Was Terrell Owens Crying Authentic?

I was asked the question Sunday evening and had a difficult time answering it: What do you make of Terrell Owens crying in the post game press conference Sunday following Dallas’ loss to the Giants? It’s so hard to say. I really am inclined to believe that T.O. was crying for real, no acting there. The guy works his ass off, he bounced back from injury, and his team was set to reach the Super Bowl. There’s no doubt that he was met with utter disappointment following the loss, not to mention shock. And maybe for once he was in another person’s shoes, having to defend a teammate from the media. Maybe T.O. has been superseded by a larger star in Dallas and his response is genuine. All I know is that I don’t see too many athletes cry after losses and I fell for it. I’m a sucker and I bought it. I saw how hard T.O. and Romo worked from the looks in their eyes and I truly felt badly for them.

(video from The 700 Level via Ballhype)

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  • Cougarfan

    TO wasn’t crying because of anyting related to Tony Romo. He was crying trying to deflect the attention off him because of how he was wolfing during the week: “Get your popcorn ready,…”

  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    T.O. was crying because the popcorn was Jiffy Pop and not Pop Secret as he requested.

  • Gene

    T.O. is on a different planet than the rest of us. I do believe he was really crying, but if you listened to some of the things he was saying, it was hard to be sympathetic. He actually said that he loved all of his QB’s and always had their backs. I guess that must have been news to Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb.

  • http://www.thewayweseeit.info Vince

    I agree that T.O.’s tears might have been genuine, but at the same time I also believe that the painkillers and whatever other meds he was on for his injury enhanced his emotional level. Check out the article at http://www.thewayweseeit.info.

  • Ace

    You know, I always felt T.O. got a bad wrap for a lot of the stuff that went on while on the other teams. He plays at the highest level every game and he expects his teammates to do the same. As I saw him tear up I felt he was genuine and in my opinion is a validating point of how I feel about T.O. I can’t go over everything in one post but T.O. is a great teammate and this just shows how he feels about his whole team.

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